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Diverse Entertainment Art (DEASA) has produced a number of powerful young artists especially in dance and music industry.



Diverse Entertainment Art (DEASA) is fresh energetic entertainment training school which is designed to build a better future for youth through art entertainment and was established in 2015 as Diverse Entertainment Art SA (DEASA) by a group of indigenous community members who felt compelled to respond to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people in the local communities and includes education. Organization operates mostly within South African Provinces, Townships. We train and deliver best performances from modelling, Karate Dance, Designers, different dance genres We have proven that art is the biggest tool in helping to building a better future.

  • Diverse Entertainment Art has produced a number of phenomenal young artists who are now recognized and are the best in their provinces. We help the youth understand the importance of art and professionalism in an early stage, we help in teaching skills, creativity, versatility and choreographing skills. The youth get to explore, travel and know that there's more a person can do than running around the street for no reason.

Latest choreography by our president Mr Leo for China Tour

Karate Dance live in Soweto Meadowlands

  • President visits United Arabic.
    President visits United Arabic.
  • President
  • Dance 2 Beijing
    Dance 2 Beijing
President visits United Arabic.
President visits United Arabic.

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is a fresh Energetic, non-profit, entertainment company filled with young stars who believes that a human body can do more than what we know, from dance, modelling, drama, fashion and design. why focus in one specific thing when you have years to become the best.

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Dance to Beijing 2018

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